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Ocean Potion sunscreen was born on the beach. Since its inception it has delivered on its promise of quality sun protection so everyone can enjoy a life-time of fun in the sun!

It all started in 1989 when the Ocean Potion® brand was launched in Virginia Beach, Virginia, selling to beach stores and resort hotels. It wasn’t long before word spread like beach towels on a warm, sunny day. Soon, Ocean Potion was a must-have smash all the way to Myrtle Beach—and, soon, up and down the east coast.

In 1994, the company moved to Florida—the Sunshine State. Through the years, Ocean Potion pioneered ingredient innovation, including the addition of sea plant botanicals and antioxidants that replenish skin depleted by a day in the sun. Non-greasy, rapidly absorbed, Ocean Potion is fortified with Vitamin D3 — indispensable for skin health and a youthful appearance. The skin is the body's last organ to absorb Vitamin D from food or supplements. Applied topically, however, Vitamin D3 delivers benefits directly to the skin. Ocean Potion also contains Vitamin E to fight free radicals, decrease sun damage, and improve skin texture. Ocean Potion products incorporate broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

Notably, the brand's products have received the Skin Cancer Foundation's seal for “safe and effective sun protection."

All Ocean Potion products are PABA-free and most are Paraben-Free and Oxybenzone-Free.

Ocean Potion products are not tested on animals.

Ocean Potion products are available at drugstores, food stores, mass market outlets, and other retailers throughout the USA. Visit or to order online.

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