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Moms Love the Dry-Feel and Protection of Ocean Potion® Fortified with Vitamin D3

Ocean Potion, made by Sun & Skin Care Research, LLC (SSCR) is fortified with Vitamin D3 and nourishes the skin with every application.  Moms with active families use Ocean Potion so they can feel confident about sun protection while making memories in the sun.  Vitamin D is indispensable for skin health, but the skin is the last organ to receive Vitamin D from food and supplements.  Topically applied Vitamin D3 delivers benefits directly to the skin, preserving a youthful appearance.

Non-greasy and fast absorbing with a great orange-cream fragrance, Ocean Potion offers broad spectrum UVA/UVB Protection from SPF 15 – SPF 70. Seaplant Botanical Complex restores moisture levels and revitalizes the skin. Solaplex enhances the stability of Avobenzone, which makes Ocean Potion sunscreens more reliable and longer lasting. 

The Sport line features WetSkin Tech™, a super water repellent polymer developed for use in the medical field, which helps Ocean Potion provide the ultimate water resistance and lasting sun protection.   Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, Ocean Potion has received its seal of approvalAll sun care products SPF 50 and below are PABA-, Paraben- and Oxybenzone-free:

General Sun Protection: Broad spectrum formulas, fortified with Vitamin D3.  Sprays and lotions absorb quickly and feature skin-friendly Seaplant Botanical Complex and patented Solaplex™. Perfect for all vigorous outdoor activities.

  • Anti-Aging Quick Dry Lotion SPF 15, 30 (MSRP $8.99), 50+, 70        (MSRP $9.99)
  • Anti-Aging Instant Dry Mist Sunscreen SPF 50+ and 70:  Easy to use instant dry mist with 360 degree continuous spray for all angles.  No struggling to cover hard-to-reach places. (MSRP $9.99)
  • Babies and Sensitive SPF 50+:  Gentle enough for babies. Fragrance-free, hypo-allergenic. Pediatrician and Dermatologist recommended. (MSRP $9.99)

General Sun Protection for Face/Lip: Vitamin D3 fortified, glide on easily for quick absorption.

  • Clear Zinc Oxide Face Potion SPF45:  Goes on clear.  Easy to apply for face, nose, lips and ears.  Non-greasy; won't clog pores, hypo-allergenic, fragrance-free, water resistant, UVA/UVB protection. (MSRP $4.99)
  • Moisturizing Lip Potion SPF 45:  Greatorange-vanilla flavor.

(MSRP $1.99)

  • Dab-On SpotStick SPF 50+:  Provides spot-on protection in convenient, portable package. For sensitive areas: face, nose, ears and scalp. Works under cosmetics, dries instantly, long-lasting.

 (MSRP $4.99)

Kids:  Specially designed for daily use on kid's and sensitive skin, Vitamin D3 fortified.  Non-comedogenic. Stabilized broad spectrum protection. Fruity fragrance kids love. 

  • SPF 50+ Kids:  Gentle, non-irritating, clean dry formula glides on easily and absorbs quickly — does not run into or burn eyes. Non-greasy, water resistant (80 minutes). (MSRP $9.99)
  • Instant Dry SPF 50+ Kids Mist:  Non-greasy, instant drying formula, water resistant (80 minutes). (MSRP $9.99)
  • SPF 50+ Instant Dry KidSpot:  Matte finish, non-greasy. Pineapple mango fragrance makes application fun/easy to repeat. Portable. (MSRP $4.99)

Sport:  Stabilized broad spectrum formulas with Vitamin D3 offer fragrance-free and highly water and sweat resistant protection.

  • WetSkin Tech™ Instant Dry Mist Water Sport SPF 30:  Super water repellent polymer developed for use in the medical field. (MSRP $8.99)
  • WetSkin Tech™ Lotion Water Sport SPF 50+:  Super water repellent polymer developed for use in the medical field. (MSRP $9.99)
  • Cool Dry Touch Sport Lotion SPF 30:  Absorbs quickly. (MSRP $8.99)
  • Cool Dry Touch Sport Lotion SPF 50+: Absorbs quickly. (MSRP $9.99)
Instant Dry Mist Sport Sunscreen SPF 30:  360 degree continuous spray for all angles.  No struggling to cover hard-to-reach places. (MSRP $8.99)

Tanning:  A variety of oils, gels and lotions let you control how fast, how much tan you achieve. Indoor/outdoor options; amplifiers for bronzy benefits and a deep glow. With Carrot and Coconut Oils.

  • Xtreme Tanning Oil Amplifier (MSRP $6.99)
  • Xtreme Tanning Oil Amplifier SPF 4 (MSRP $6.99)
  • Xcelerator Spray Gel with Bronzer (MSRP $6.99)
  • Xtreme Intensifier Lotion with Bronzer (MSRP $6.99)

After Sun:  Moisturize, nourish, repair and cool sun-exposed skin.  Extends life of tan.

  • Aloe Moisturizing Lotion:  Rich penetrating formula. (MSRP $5.99)
  • EverGlow Daily Moisturizer:   Helps maintain color or creates subtle summer shades for light & medium skin tones.  Rich, natural emollients improve skin texture. (MSRP $5.99)
  • Pure & Natural Aloe Gel:  Soothes and cools. (MSRP $5.99)
Instant Burn Relief Ice:  With Lidocaine.  Temporary pain relief from sunburn, scrapes, windburns, minor burns, insect bites and other skin irritation. (MSRP $5.99)

Ocean Potion products are made in the U.S.A. in Cocoa, Florida.  Available at drugstores, food stores, mass market and other retailers throughout the U.S.A.  Visit or to order online.  MSRP range from $1.99 to $9.99.  No animal testing.

About Ocean Potion
Ocean Potion has a strong sun care heritage and was founded in 1989 by Gary DeAngelo, a classic American entrepreneur.  After a lifetime of living in the sun and using sun care, Gary felt he could make a better product.  He created the first batch of Ocean Potion in his garage and began by selling to local beach stores in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  The business took off and the company is now extremely popular in both beach shops and major retailers nationwide.  All Ocean Potion products are made in the U.S.A. in sunny Cocoa, Florida by Sun & Skin Care Research, LLC (SSCR).  SSCR was founded with the mission to improve and protect skin health—as well as lead the industry in innovation and customer satisfaction. SSCR also manufactures Margaritaville® Parrot Head™ Advanced Sun Care and NO-AD® sun care lines.  To learn more about Ocean Potion products, visit


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