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"Ocean Potion Sandcastles in the Sun Tour" Sandcastle Building Tips from Sand Guys

Ocean Potion sun care is kicking off the 2013 "Ocean Potion Sandcastles in the Sun Tour" to promote sun safety. Moms with active families use Ocean Potion so they can feel confident about sun protection while making memories in the sun.  Professional sand sculptors Rusty Croft and Kirk Rademaker, known as the Sand Guys, will teach parents and kids how to build simple sandcastles as the Tour visits beaches and festivals from April - September 2013. For the full schedule, visit Ocean Potion Tour Locations.

Here are the Sand Guys' tips for building sandcastles in the sun.  From sea creatures to mermaids - let your imagination be the inspiration for your designs!

1. Protect Your Skin

  • The most important tool in the sandcastle toolbox is sunscreen.  Use sunscreen, wear a hat, drink water and your day at the beach will be much more fun. 

2. Buckets

  • Bring two buckets to the beach, one for sand and one for seawater.

3. Carving Tools

  • Raid the kitchen drawer for carving tools.  Use a butter knife for slicing, a spoon for scooping out windows, spoons and forks for adding different textures. Alternating textures between smooth and rough will make your sculptures pop.

  • A straw is the sand sculptor's secret weapon!  Use it to blow the crumbs out of your deepest cuts like windows and face details.  This will provide a clean professional look.  Use a paint brush or feather duster to wipe away excess sand.

4. The Foundation

  • A five-gallon bucket with the bottom cut out is a fast and easy way to make the foundation for your castle.  Place the larger end of the bucket down on the sand.  Fill it halfway with equal parts sand and water.  Shake the bucket vigorously for 10 seconds. The water will filter through and compact the sand.  Repeat this process for the top half of the bucket.  Don't worry if it gets a little soggy at the top.  As soon as the water disappears, pull the bucket off.  You might have to tug it to break it loose.  The sand should be nicely compacted into the shape of a five-gallon bucket and ready for carving.

  • This process is not very scientific, so have fun with it. Don't worry about the ratio of sand to water...too much water is just enough.  Consider that you might have to do it a few times to get the hang of it. 

5. Importing and Carving

  • Add small cubes, triangles and peaks to your castle through a process called "importing".  Cut shapes out of a wet patch of sand next to your castle, gently pick them up and place them on your sculpture.  This is easier and always looks better than carving them in place.

  • Good sandcastles look even better when carved with lots of towers and stairs.

6. Work Top to Bottom

  • ALWAYS start at the top, finishing details as you go, and work down.  This way extra sand from details carved at the top will not fall and spoil the bottom of the sculpture.

7. Have Fun

  • Sandcastles aren't supposed to last, so if something breaks before you are finished, just rebuild it.  Remember to take lots of pictures and have fun.  The more fun you have while building your sandcastle, the better it will look!


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