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"Sandcastles in the Sun" Contest Winner!

Ocean Potion Sunscreen is excited to announce that C. McDonough, of Pennsylvania, has been selected as the winner of the 2013 “Sandcastles in the Sun” sandcastle-building contest. McDonough was awarded a $5,000 college scholarship for his winning castle, which he built during a beach vacation with family and friends in Ocean City, Maryland this summer. 
McDonough has been a sandcastle enthusiast since the age of 13, when he was given a sandcastle building book for Christmas. Says McDonough, “I normally don't start with a solid plan since anything can collapse or happen. I like to start out with a mound and then sculpt as I go. The castle usually evolves as I build and come up with different ways to combine the different features (walls, towers, and houses) in the castle.” 
McDonough’s home in Pennsylvania isn’t near a beach, so he takes advantage of family trips to vacation spots like Ocean City, Maryland, Florida and St. Martin to practice sand-sculpting. “The part I enjoy most is the landscaping and final touches. I like taking a castle that I have already built and then adding in trees, stones, windows, staircases, and all of the finishing touches that make the castle look unique.” 
Appropriately perhaps, the resort where he sculpted his prize winning creation was called "Castle in the Sand."


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